Site Policies


Intellectual Property

This blog is full of words. If I write those words, I own those words. Please feel free to lift quotes from my words, but only if you provide attribution and links. Please do not lift quotes out of context with the intent of changing the meaning of what I have said. And please do not entirely reproduce entire passages.

If someone else writes words on my blog, I do not own those words. Those are the property of the person who wrote them, and I ask that you show the same amount of respect to those people as I have asked you show to me.

If you quote someone else and write words on my blog that do not belong to you or to me, I reserve the right to remove those words from my blog, or make to the appropriate edits to provide attribution without your permission.


It would be nice if we could all just say whatever we want without consequence. But we can’t. And, because I own and operate this blog, I am responsible for all content that exists on it. Therefore, I reserve the right to censor (or in some rare circumstances, edit) what anyone says on this blog in the comments section. What type of things would I censor or edit, you may ask? Why I’ll tell you…

* Swear Words: I love swear words and “colorful language” that is generally considered taboo because I believe they serve a very important language and communications function. I do not believe any words should be taboo. That being said, I have found that unless you are a brilliant comedian, writing that is completely saturated with swear words completely deflates their purposefulness and meaning and therefore are only written to offend or to cover up the fact that someone doesn’t have anything useful or productive to say. I reserve the right to make that judgement and remove comments for “excessive” swearing.

* Attacking Others: Most people use swear words to attack others. Some people are clever enough to attack others in even more harmful ways without using swear words at all. Either case is unacceptable on this blog. It is one thing to disagree and question someone. It is another thing to attack another person with your words. Sometimes people make us so mad, it is extremely hard to disagree with them without attacking them. I sympathize with people who experience this. But I’m still going to call them out and remove their comments.In addition to the obvious, I also consider the following behaviors to be attacks against others:

(1) Name calling
(2) Questioning someone’s intelligence
(3) Questioning someone’s mental health or sanity
(4) Degrading speech
(5) Using someone’s race, gender, disability, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), sexual preference, class, or other sacred/uncontrollable factors against them

* Attacking Me: In general, I don’t mind people attacking me. I understand that 99% of it is motivated by either a misunderstanding or some other emotion that the attacker doesn’t know how to appropriately express. I also understand that I am not the best communicator in the world and may be easily misunderstood – and that is my own fault. Furthermore, I understand that I have a lot to learn and may blatantly broadcast “wrong-headed ideas” or accidentally say something that is not factually accurate. Feel free to attack me when I do this. I would prefer that you point these things out in a non-attacking manner, but I understand if that is all you are capable of doing.

However, if your attacks are excessive (i.e. you are just ranting, spamming, or trolling), I will remove your comments. If your attacks are actually against a group of people to which I belong (or you somehow believe I belong) they aren’t simply against me anymore and I will likely remove them. And remember, I’ll put up with a lot more on my behalf than I will on behalf of others. You can get away with saying things to me on this blog that you can’t get away with saying to others. Don’t get confused about who you’re talking to when reacting to something.

* Threats: Anyone who makes any type of threats against anyone, myself included, to someone that that person would not like, that person’s comments will not only be deleted, and you will not only be banned, but I will take all appropriate efforts to report those threats to law enforcement.

* Privacy: Any comment that betrays someone’s privacy will be removed. This includes phone numbers, emails, addresses, and specific places of employment. This applies even if you betray your own privacy. This does not include links to other websites or your own full name. If your private information is published on the web somewhere else and a link you provide or your name can be used to discover your private contact information then that is the risk you have chosen to take somewhere else and I’m okay with that. You just don’t get to take that risk here. If you link to another website specifically to disclose private information about someone else, then in this case I will remove the comment.

* Non-productive comments: Want to advertise something in the comments? Then your comment is probably going to get deleted. Want to talk about something completely unrelated to the post or comments you are responding to? Then your comment is going to get deleted. Want to repeat yourself over and over without saying anything different or new? Then your comment is going to get deleted. Want to impress everyone with how good you are at correcting other people’s spelling and grammar? Then your comment is probably going to get deleted.

* A note to grammarians:  I am a grammar and spelling nerd. I love finding errors and I love learning more. However, I love productive conversation more, and I also love being able to let my hair down and not be uptight about my grammar when I am trying to express an idea I am passionate about. I don’t want anyone detracting or trying to negate the point of what I am saying because I made some grammar mistakes. Therefore I will resist the urge to do that to others. On this blog, I expect everyone else to resist that urge as well so that we can all relax a bit and focus on ideas rather than words.

That being said, sometimes the perceived definition of words is extremely important to having a productive conversation, and improper grammar usage can accidentally change the intended meaning of what someone is trying to say. Feel free to ask for clarification or suggest that a mistake may have been made if it could prevent you or someone else from understanding what I or someone else is trying to express. Just do so tactfully, and in such a way that your comments are driving toward productive conversation about the topic at hand.

Everything Else

I am not an experienced or professional blogger. All these site policies are either from my head or copied from a blog I look up to. It is probably lacking some important policies I have not yet seen or thought of. I reserve the right to apply a new policy that I come across or think of and then apply said policy expos facto. That means, that just because the policy didn’t exist when you violated it doesn’t mean I won’t write it later and use it against you. Don’t see my explicit lack of forbidding something as a free license to do it. Use your better judgement. And if that isn’t good enough, use someone else’s who doesn’t get themselves in too much trouble.